computational Journalism group

Computational Journalism Group is a space for research and collaboration that works within the New Technologies Lab at the Athens National and Kapodistrian University's Department of Communications and Mass Media. It aims at promoting the connection between journalism and data science by focusing on in-depth understanding of contemporary computing methods that are globally used, assuming that the convergence of these two areas forms a great and quite promising field of knowledge. The team examines particularly the interconnection between Artificial Intelligence, Journalism and Political Communication. Professor Constantinos Mourlas is scientifically in charge of the team's actions.


Artificial Intelligence & Journalism

Our research examines ways through which artificial intelligence can be used to the benefit of journalism but also the consequences of the use of Machine Learning algorithms and big data in the practice of journalism. It also provides crucial answers on issues of algorithmic accountability.

Research Interests

The sectors of our study include but are not limited to: data journalism, artificial intelligence in journalism, opinion extraction, use of Machine Learning algorithms in the analysis of political speech, search for political ideology and speech delivery, user-centric design of interactive applications on the web, adjustable hypermedia, customized internet, formula production, serious games and particularly learning based on games.


Our recent research projects and our publications focus on the areas of quality journalism, fact checking and ideology and political speech analysis with the use of artificial intelligence.

Data Science in Journalism & Communications

New Curriculum of the Master of Science Program “Digital Media and Interaction Environments” of Athens National and Kapodistrian University’s Department of Communications and Mass Media.

We brought in Greece Workbench, the automated data journalism platform through which a journalist is allowed to conduct in-depth research of a topic without any use of coding.

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